Monday, November 26, 2007

Last week & this week

As you can tell, I'm just updating as the week goes along. Hopefully it's not too annoying for you!

Tuesday ~Working on my list slowly. I checked off those that I've done. I also put a big dent in the "toy area." Today I should finish up the kitchen & laundry area. :-)

Wednesday~ My main focus is working on school and getting us ready for church tonight. Thankfully I got my dishes, laundry and bathroom done. I'm just making it all sparkly and sanitized today. As you can tell my home needed a major overhaul. My main goal is to get my list done by Friday before we leave. Hope you have a wonderful day!! (btw, our Christmas pictures turned out SO good! I am SOO happy to have that DONE!)

Thursday~ We're leaving earlier tomorrow that I expected, so I'd like to be ready by tonight. I highlighted the most important tasks left. I guess we'll wait to start Christmas until after we're back. We're also working very hard on school in the mist of this. I'm trying to get to a point that we can completely be off for a Christmas break this month. So today we're just working on school and getting prepared for our trip basically.

Don't know if I'll be able to update tomorrow...

Friday~Well, we're off today! Thanks for joining me as I got my home back in decent order. My home is all ready to start into Christmas when we get back. YAY! We have gotten a lot of schooling done this week, even with all the other work I've done. I actually spent a lot of time finishing the toy area and working on school/art supplies yesterday too. It feels so good to have things organized again!!! Kids room is all ready for some sort of storage unit so that we'll have a place to store some of the new things. (I've gotten rid of A LOT!) I'm packing this morning - it will be easy since everything is all clean! And before we leave we'll measure the kids wall and pick up a gift for mil on the way. It feels GREAT that I got most of my list done!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Thanksgiving went WONDERFUL!

It all turned out so great!! I was really glad that I had it at my parents so I didn't have to worry about getting my home spotless, plus their kitchen is much larger with more utensils to work with. I kept it really simple and most of it was prepared by 9:30, so I had plenty of time to enjoy the day. The older woman we invited over is a fairly new convert and we had some great fellowship. She has a degree in geology so we discussed (what little I know of) the young earth philosophy. She said she has a hard time with it. I have a very limited understanding, so I just gave her what information I know and encouraged her that God is faithful to answer our questions so we can be at peace. Thankfully she said she is at a point now that she's SURE that Jesus Christ died for her sins and knowing how old the earth is is no longer a decision maker or breaker about being a Christian.

Anyone have any good resources for me to direct her to?

It was so nice to spend a few days with my sweet husband. He let me use his muscles to move our bed into our new room. That has been such a project. We've been slowly moving toys and junk from what we called the "super room" so that my hubs & I could move into there. We got rid of a lot of things, but we still have a pile of toys in our living room that I'm anxious to get out of here. We didn't finish moving our entire bed room yet, there's still a dresser, etc. in the old room. We plan to make that baby's room. :-)

Which brings me to this week...

I am VERY overwhelmed with all that I have going on this week. One of which is to finish this project of switching rooms. The toys in the living room will be going into the children's room. This weekend we're going out of town (near sacramento) and I'm planning to go to IKEA to hopefully purchase some sort of storage solution for the children's toys. Which means I need to make sure the kids room is ready for that. Hub's needs to take apart 7yo's bed for me and we need to measure the wall before we go. We also need to buy a gift for my MIL. And pack, obviously.

I'm behind on my regular chores which makes packing more difficult. My laundry area and kitchen both need a major overhaul! Once I get that done and my home looks a little more decent, I'm hoping to bring in the Christmas tree and start decorating. We bought the Jesse tree ornaments with the devotional from and I'm really anxious to begin that. We have an appointment tomorrow to get our pictures done at a local costume shop! Isn't that a great idea?? I just happen to drive by the other day and saw that they do pictures, so I decided to check it out. They have VERY reasonable prices, so that's what we'll be doing this year. I think it will be fun. I like to do pictures because that way I don't have to think too much about what to write to everyone. :-)

I have my midwife/doctor issue that I need to deal with this week.

For some reason, we've decided to take another trip in December. It's going to be a surprise trip to San Fransisco for my son's birthday. God has blessed us with some extra finances (I am SOO thankful for that during this time of year!!!!) and because my almost 8yo has never seen the ocean and hasn't really ever been on a good trip, we've decided to "just do it!" With that, we have some planning to do. We're trying to make it as inexpensive as we can get. So far we're planning a trip to the jelly belly factory (free!), driving around SF looking at lights, etc. and bbqing on the beach. Anyone else know of anything else we could do?

And somehow in the middle of all of this (plus more!) I need to keep schooling.

Deep breath...

Thank You Jesus for taking my burdens. Please help me to have peace, knowing that You will direct me. Amen.

Here's my list:

Get caught up on :

Finish cleaning baby's room

Pick up bathroom
Pickup Living room
Clean & Sanitize

Get out Christmas stuff
Put up Christmas tree
Decorate Home

Research on SF trip
Make plans & reservations

*Get packed for this weekend
*Buy gift

*Measure kids room for storage

Call midwife
Make apt with dr.
(putting this one off...)

Picture apt. (tues.) - TODAY
hub's dr. apt. (fri.)

Keep working on School
(we have done SO good on this!!)

Need Hub's help:
Move baby's bed
Put baby's bed together
*Take down son's bed
*rearrange kids room

Sorry this post was so long...
It just sort of happened. :-)


Our Peculiar Life said...

WOW! Just reading your post made me tired!!!! LOL. I like the resources from and for young earth information. Ken Ham is my favorite person explaining it.

Pictures at a costume place sounds like a GREAT idea!! WOW!! That will be neat!

Praying you many blessings and much peace!!

Disinterested Benevolence said...

I guess I just dont see what the age of the earth has to do with salvation in Christ...? I wouldn't even speak about it. just my opinion. I read your blog regularly btw.

Mercy said...

Thanks for your comments!

Thank you so much for the resources. I know of Kent Hovind from and most of what I've learned comes from him & some homeschooling curriculum I've used. I'll check out those sites you gave & see what I can find.

Disinterested (not sure your real name here),
I'm so glad to hear I'm not talking to myself all the time! It's nice to have you visit. :-)

Part of why it really meant a lot to her was that she was against Christianity solely on the fact that she (before salvation)couldn't believe the Bible to be true since she couldn't understand(scientifically) that the earth was formed quickly. That was why it took her so long to get saved. Although she is now at a point in her walk with God that she knows Jesus is her savior, she is still struggling to understand and believe the Bible AS IT IS WRITTEN. I have a hard time when people say that the world was not created in a literal 6 days, since THAT's what the Bible says. We can't take scripture and twist it to make it say something else..."maybe He really meant to say..." because then some of the really big issues are going to be twisted.

I do agree with you overall though, that it's kind of an argument that is not important for most peoples understanding that Jesus died for our sins.

In this case though, she's seeking God about this question & I believe God is faithful to give her peace about it.

I hope you don't think I'm against what you said, because like I said, I do agree in most cases the subject should probably be left alone.

Sorry to make my reply so long, I felt like I needed to respond.