Sunday, December 02, 2007

Being Alive...

Isn't awesome to know we have another breath?

We don't know if we get another one.

Are we doing all we need to be doing?

...all we should be doing?

...all we WANT to do?

(after all it is God who puts desires on our hearts, right?)

We have been set free from the bondage of sin. When you are born again you are more alive than you could have ever been before. God lets us experience life with open eyes, fresh perspective and a joy unknown to those outside His love and presence.

Thank God for the life He's given you.

Then, ENJOY IT!!

Take time to reflect today on all the blessings you have, including your heart - which is still beating. Do something a little cookey today, just to shake things up around you. (not to mention lighten yourself up a little too!) Allow your plans to be taken by God. Let Him give you His agenda and throw away your to do list. :-)

Today is a gift.
Receive it with open arms.

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