Thursday, December 13, 2007

Amazing what a new bible will do!

I got me a new bible!!!

It was sort of a celebration purchase since God returned our check to us. I am still in awe with thanks for that whole thing.

Anyway, what Bible did I get?

This One

Just a regular ol bible.

I'm so happy with it. I've been marking it up like crazy & making it my own. I'm highlighting certain things like I've done with my past bibles. Like: Blue =Salvation, Orange = Prayers, Yellow=Praise, etc. I've always been an underliner in all of my bibles.

SO, I'm just working through the psalms, proverbs & the new testament for awhile. Proverbs I'm just doing "the day" that corresponds to the chapter. As for psalms and the new testament I have just started at the beginning. So far I've just done about a chapter or so of each each day. They are usually pretty short so it's been working out perfectly.

I'm so happy to have a bible that works for me again!!


Heather said...

I love getting a new Bible--mine usually come from the thrift shop but I like to get one each year so I can record the fresh insights the Lord gives me.

Mercy said...

I did first look at all of our thrift shops in town to find a bible. AND, I found one that I was pretty excited about. Until I got home and opened the first page which said it was dedicated by the Latter Day Saints. I decided to toss it. I looked up to see if they had changed anything it at all & didn't find anything online about their bibles. But, I just didn't trust it. Soo...I went to the store and bought my own!

I did once get a great study bible from the library's book sale for $5 unopened! My husband still uses that. The book laying next to it was some art book for $50. Amazing what people put a price on. God's word is worth much more. But, hey- He gave that one to me as a gift. :-)