Sunday, December 02, 2007

Good video series...

These are about some of the roots that music of this age is all about...

***They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll:
this is part one
You will need plenty of time to watch this, but it is really good! After you watch part one, just click on part two. Tells a bit of history from Elvis on in up to Santana. Very eye opening!

The Truth About Hip Hop:
Here you go
This one is more of a sermon, but it's interesting. It's almost two hours. Hang with it, because it gets really interesting when he reveals specific people & clothing lines.

***Edited to say:
Not for children's eyes!
I completely forgot to mention this. I would recommend adults only watch the Rock & Roll one. My only exception would be if you happen to have a young adult who is wayward & really into music, etc. This video is VERY eye opening!!


Mommy Homemaker said...

Ummmmm, WOW! That one on hiphop is great! How did you find it? I might watch the rock and roll one at nap time. It looked deep and not for children's eyes.

Thanks for posting this!

Mercy said...

Oops, I really should have mentioned that!!!! You are right - it's NOT for children. (although if I happened to have a "teen" who was really immersed into any music, I'd let them watch)

I'll have to edit my post.

And, the rock and roll one is HOURS long. You'll have to do that one in a few increments. :-)

They were recommended by a pastor that came to visit our church. My husband has watched all of the rock and roll one, but I'm only about halfway through.

VERY eye opening stuff!!