Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our New Christmas Tradition

Christmas growing up was nothing special. We did the present thing and that was about it. Maybe that's why I've been so driven to make sure Christmas is about Christ. The last few years on Christmas eve, we've gathered by the light of the Christmas tree to read the "Christmas story" in the Bible. And, I have to say, after you talk about the true meaning of Christmas - bringing Santa in afterward just doesn't work. So, we just leave him out. :-) We've always told our children he's pretend, so it's ok to pretend there is a Santa. And we leave it at that. Anyway, the other day Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer hosted her Works for me Wednesday - Christmas Edition and I found a great idea - Giving Jesus a present!

What do you give Him?
It all depends. We made it personal to each of us. We did decide that giving him our problems and burdens was actually a good gift because it sets us free to show Him in our lives. I can see that what we put in the box to give to God, we will think on for the year.
I think this one will last for our lives and it will give us some really wonderful reading as we look back on the years. I am so thankful for this new - found tradition & I wanted to share with others so they may be blessed as well.

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