Monday, December 31, 2007

Why does God call us to submit?

First of all, because He created us and He created an order in marriage that really does work. When we follow the plan and we allow our husbands to lead. (even and especially when we don't fully agree with where our man is going). If we will just surrender everything (our desires, fears, etc.) to Jesus, pray fervently and with a willing heart tell our husbands we're following - then are very careful in our speech otherwise - It works! Not only does this cause our husbands to be a leader at home, but also in his work & social life, etc. So many times I see women who know their husbands role and spout off that "he's just not leading like he's supposed to" Yet, it could be (as a dear friend put it) he is leading (or trying!), they are just not following because they don't like where he's leading them and I'm sure they let him know. My advise to us women is to focus ONLY on our position and mastering that. We can only change ourselves anyhow so why waste energy on what HE needs to be doing?

It is disastrous to work against your marriage and the way God has ordained it to function. It only brings heartache. We have to be FOR our husbands and cheer him on, regardless of the difficulties he may be having in any area of his life. Especially if he's struggling, make a vow to never tear him down or "show your disappointment" of how he's not doing well. Just allow him to be his best and strengthen him with words. Can his heart trust in you? It's on us ladies to create an atmosphere where he will trust us with his heart. I've noticed the more I submit to my husband, the more willing he is to hear my opinion.

Another thing that has been on my mind recently and why I think we can struggle so much in this area, is that we spend an entire day in a place of authority. We need to make sure we have control over our children and that they are following our lead. So, here comes Mr. Macho after we've been trying to "command the household" all day long and he wants things to go another way...

This is again another great example of why and how God created things the way He did. Doesn't it bring such a wonderful balance! God wants us not only to learn how to be in authority, but also how to follow. After all, submitting to your husband is a wonderful and visible extension of submitting to the Lord Himself.

Let's be willing to love and uplift our husbands. And, when it boils down to it - to fear the Lord. After all, "a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised." When I stand before the King of kings, I want to hear Him say to me "well done faithful servant" and that is my duty above all duties - to be a helpmeet to my man.

How about you?

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