Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm here, I'm here.

No baby yet.

I'm just taking a bloggy break while my mind swirls about on baby things. As I mentioned before baby's room wasn't quite ready - well, it's getting there little by little. And, things are coming together in God's perfect timing. It's amazing how I keep remembering things that I really should have prepared already for, simple but fairly important things - like the little head support thing for the carseat. I completely spaced that we needed that thing. I am using my old car seat from when my daughter was a little itty bitty one. Thankfully it's not pink. :-)

But, I'm just busy getting prepared right now.
My body keeps giving me small reminders that it could be any day.

Just wanted to stop in to say no baby yet.
I'll let you know as soon I can after he comes.

See you after awhile!

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