Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Still. No. Baby.

Could be anytime though!!

In the meantime, remember when I said we had LOTS to do to get baby's room ready? Slowly, slowly things have been coming together. I wish I had a before picture...it was as NON-BABY of a room you could think of. Cold linoleum floor with bunches of piles of junk everywhere. Well, we were out in this room for awhile, but when we moved out, I started to just pile everything I wanted out of the house in this little space - Christmas stuff, old clothes, bunkbed that we tore apart, etc.

We still have no curtains. Well, I have some I could throw in there, but I'd like to get some nice ones at some point. But, all in all - we have carpet and a bed. Baby has clothes, diapers and some fun stuff too!

Without further adieu...
Here's my little oasis for my son & I:

His empty bed. Can't wait to meet my little baby boy!!!!!

I took these pictures this past weekend. I've added a few things to make it a little more cozy. And, a few practical things as well. All in all, things are coming together.

It won't be long now!!


Our Peculiar Life said...

What a cute room!! I can't wait to see him!

MAMA said...

Oh I do love your little oasis!! So very cozy!