Monday, May 19, 2008

My children

It is obvious through the last post we got a little "off" in our training at some point. The better way to train your children is from the beginning. I am coming from a standpoint of an "older" child who has lost the way. He's getting bigger than me now (oh yes he is...) and spanking him is just not the most efficient way any more, you know what I mean. If I had trained right from the beginning, he would obey promptly - the first time.

Don't get me wrong...he's a great kid!

We've just lost our way a little.

So, this last post was in regard to those who don't know what direction to take from there. I found myself at a loss and started yelling instead of disciplining because I couldn't figure out how to handle this growing boy. God brought me to my knees and reminded me of three very important keys...

1. Humbling myself. Realizing I plenty to be condemned for. This helps me to not condemn my children, but instead help them...instruct, guide and TEACH them.

2. Enjoying my children, playing with them. Finding out what interests them and doing it with them. No doubt if you have a boy ~ bugs, legos, and 'active' stuff is what you'll be doing. :-)

3. Listening to their heart, their thoughts and helping them to correct their thinking even on their own. Giving them freedom to express themselves without feeling like they were going to be in trouble. (At some point we lost that...just being honest here.)

Hope that clears up some thoughts you may have reading the past post.
Thank God for His awesome mercy upon my life.

He is worthy to be praised!!!

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