Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Various reasons I haven't been updating this blog...

1. Since the birth of my third child, life has been consumed with the daily duties.

2. Moving into this new home, the Lord has really moved in us to begin to fellowship more often. My time has been spent ministering in "real life" making less time to minister via this blog.

3. As you may have noticed, if you follow our school blog, we have really struggled to implement this new curriculum. This has taken me a lot of time and energy to get that area of our home situated.

In short, although my heart yearns to be reflective and contemplative in a way that might minister to others, my time is limited. I do keep a personal journal on a regular basis and I'd love to share some of these thoughts via this blog.

Although I can't guarantee that I will be updating, somehow I found myself sitting here at 3am. I just felt a prompting to share that I my desire is to continue this blog. We'll see what the Lord has in mind. ;o)

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