Monday, February 26, 2007

My Testimony

I had planned on doing this at some point, but since Candy (at is asking for testimonies, I thought I'd quickly type mine up. Actually I'm finding with this blog I'm typing things up quickly WAY too often. So, if things don't quite come out right in my posts it's because I'm trying to not neglect my duties & keep my typing to a minimum. Just an FYI.

Ok, so here's a little glimpse into how I met Jesus Christ.

My Testimony
I grew up without knowing Him or anything about Him. Truthfully. I vaguely remember once watching TV and the 700 club was on (I still don't know much about that show) but, they asked if anyone wanted to pray to just bow their heads & pray with them. I was about 10 or so when I bowed my head & accepted Jesus. Immediately I KNEW something was different. I began writing Jesus Loves You & putting it into mail boxes & writing it all over the place. That night, my uncle came over (I was already scared of him, as he was a prison guard) and began to criticize me for being a “religious freak”. SO, I tucked it all away and stopped talking about it. Well, not surprisingly I got into a lot of trouble growing up. I had boyfriend after boyfriend. Felt alone a lot of the time. Tried on many occasions to kill myself. Began doing drugs. I got to the point before I'd even get out of bed I'd take a hit from the bong because I couldn't cope without being high. Slept my life away and spent the rest of the day in tears because I wanted to die. Somehow in the middle of all of this I had a child out of wedlock and I began to try to find answers in life. God had given me some faith. I believed. Really believed. I just didn't know WHAT I believed. I had faith that people could be healed outside of drugs, etc. I believed people needed to be connected in a deeper light. Well, God allowed me to see the “other side” and the agenda that the devil is propagating to usher in the anti-Christ. I was really naive. I just knew that there was an answer. And, things kept clicking. I was being “led by the spirit” but had no idea what exactly that meant. Some VERY “trippy” things happened to me within 6 months time. Things I can't even explain, but I understood at the time. A lot of it was run off of witchcraft and mind control from those I was around. ANYWAY, in the midst of trying to “figure life out” God showed me EXACTLY who He is. And, He was in complete opposition from what I had been involved in. Like I said, I believed in healing so I had become certified in Reiki. And, I had been going to the Church of Religious Science. I had been involved in a “business adventure” with a big name called IBI. (or income builders international) And, SO much more. Anyway, Jan 28, 2001 I got a flyer to go to a “healing revival”. I had no idea what that really was. I wrote in my diary that night “I am going to meet a man who heals”. I laugh even to this day at the next day's diary note which said, “I met Him and His name is Jesus Christ!” I didn't quite understand. And, truthfully I still don't get all that happened. I've been faithful to that same church since the night I was born there. Which is a miracle in itself. All I know is that when I accepted Jesus as my savior, I was SET FREE from bondage that I could have never been able to do on my own. I know that He is real. The Bible is real. And, not only is it REAL, it's HOLY!! Because those experiences I had before Christ, they were “real” but they weren't righteous. I didn't have to see clearly, ie: that I am NOT perfect, no matter how much I say it to myself (positive affirmations, etc.) I'm not sure what all I was involved in, but I do know that God showed Himself to me. And He continues to do so. I've had some difficult times since I met Jesus. But, He's been there. And, He promises to never leave nor forsake me, even when I'm a real mess-up. He is the love of my life. Oh speaking of which, right after I met the Lord, He sent me a knight in shining armor. I am now married to a wonderful man whom I love and who loves God as much as I do. Thank God for His love! Amen.

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