Friday, March 30, 2007

Plan Your Work, then Work Your Plan

Ever heard that expression before?

Well, sometimes the plan just doesn't work. What do you do then? That's what has happened every day this week. Actually, rarely do I follow my plan. I wish I could follow it more, but that's just what I mean...Life Happens.

I have found that I do stick to some sort of order, even when things are flipped around all over. I think that's why God has babies take naps right around the same time each day. It really helps to keep your "schedule" going right, if you know what I mean. He also made it so that we get hungry around the same times each day, so there you go, that's two ways that everyone (well, all mommies) have to keep them on task. That's why I like the idea of Large Family Logistics and Candy's scheduling ideas - they revolve around meal times. Our meals are rarely ever at the same time each day, but we do always eat at Approximately the same times. SO, start with making meals and cleaning up afterword. That works. Then go on to - make sure that you get x amount done before lunch, then x amount done before dinner. That's how a schedule is made.

Once you have your basic schedule,
then you just have to try to stick with it.
Start slow.

I'm one of these really SLOW learners. Even when I spend a month working on the same routine, I loose it really easily. I just can't seem to stick with anything. Even still, as I said, I do find myself working on the same things around the same just happens naturally. That's really the trick in making a schedule to make sure that you are already doing the things on your schedule. I don't exercise, yet there it is on my schedule. I think it's best, if you are going to try to add something you don't do already to your schedule, add it one at a time. For instance, in April you can add mopping to your routine after you cleanup the kitchen after lunch. However, if you haven't been cleaning up the kitchen after lunch, you FIRST add that. That way you aren't overwhelming yourself. Even if all you have written on your daily schedule is make bed, get dressed, cleanup after breakfast, lunch and dinner, love family... you're doing pretty good. :-D Of course, if you're not getting dressed, that might be the place to start. Since I'm sooo honest with you all around here, I do struggle in this area. Right now I usually wind up taking my showers when my daughter takes her nap in the afternoon, so a lot of times I wait until then to get fully ready. Not so good when visitors show up in the morning, which has happened. The best thing for me would be to take my shower at night, but I'm always so tired, so that doesn't always happen. Right now, this is just how it's working for me. But, regardless of where you're at, do make a point to get fully ready everyday, especially before your dear husband comes through that door. You want to look your best for your man. Which includes, above all a smile!

Anyway, my point of this post is to remind us to plan...
but always be willing to work WITH your plan.

And, I leave you with this post: (daily things to do for success)


mkbrenne said...

Hi Merci,

Your post is full of wisdom! If I get time later I'll try to link back to it from a blog post. I think other mommas need to read this!

Mercy said...

Praise God. I merely write these posts for me, to be honest. I am reminding myself or inspiring myself (whichever be the case). But, I am so thankful that others can join in with me. :-D