Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blog Award

There's a new addition to my sidebar over there. It's pretty isn't it?

My friend Heather who has two duplicate blogs, was awarded the same award at this one.

Now, part of receiving this award is to pass it on to others who you see to be a great "thinker". This can be a bit tough, especially because I don't skip around to too many blogs out there. I stick to the same ol ones, because I don't have the time to add any more to my list.

I will be working on trying to give the award to the following 5 sites:

1. Growing In Truth: This woman truly does make you think. She is not afraid to speak the truth, but it's always done in love. I am always blessed when I get the chance to visit her site.

2. Life With Littles: She does the same as well. She reminds us it's ok when we're not perfect, but also gives us good advice & her own humbling experiences before God.

3. Homeliving Helper: This site reminds us all how to "make a house a home." This will challenge your way of thinking about your duties as a homemaker.

4. All Things Feminine: In the same way that homeliving helper reminds you of your home, this one will remind you about YOU. What should you do to keep yourself beautiful for the Lord and for your dear husband. And truthfully society needs Women in this age to be women once again.

5. Happy To Be Called Mommy: I picked her blog because she LIVES what thinks about. Some of us will talk and talk, but when it comes down to it (for me at least) we are trying to just motivate ourselves to be what we want to be. She's living what she wants to be. Thank God for her willingness to "show" her life as it unfolds.

You are only supposed to pick 5, but I figured the following had already been picked. Plus everyone already knows who they are. :o) Large Family Logistics and Keeping The Home. Two wonderful and inspiring blogs that everyone should visit.

I know there are MANY bloggers out there who I am missing. I barely make it through my own list within a week, let alone find other *new* blogs to read. Blogging is VERY time consuming.

As I get time I plan to contact the bloggers & let them know I've chosen them. If they have already received the award, oh well. Those are my choice "thinking" bloggers.

Thank you Heather for thinking of me!


Kimm said...

Thanks Mercy! I will have to figure out how to put it on my side bar. I feel honored:)

Bethany said...

Thank you so much, Mercy! That is so sweet of you!

The Crandalls said...

Hi Mercy,
I can't figure out how to put the button on my blog so I haven't continued with it. Is it really that difficult or am I just pregnant?

Mercy said...

It seems like it would be difficult, but I acted like it's just a regular picture. I just right clicked on it as saved it to my computer, then added a picture to my side bar.

Don't feel bad.
It was kind of confusing. :o)

Take Care,