Monday, April 23, 2007

Give up on your dream!

Have you ever just given up?

Sometimes we need to loose our dreams to find them.
If we are hanging on so tightly to what we want that God Himself could not pry us away, there is absolutely NO way He will give you those dreams, because He loves you too much. Now, if you are not His child, He may give you over to your "desires" in order to bring you to Himself. Usually if You are not filled with the Holy Spirit, you're desires are are unholy and because of the law of sin, you will eventually cry out for help because no "god" is better than Jesus Christ! Everything else will leave you hanging and in want even more.

But, even as Christians, sometimes our desires are truly righteous desires. Yet, we want them too bad. We forget that God is in charge. He will bring it to pass when He knows the time is right. You may even have specifics in your dream that you are holding on to with a death grip. And you begin to get angry because life "never turns out right" for you.

Let me tell you something...

God loves to fulfill our desires.
He WANTS to bless us!!

But, He knows who we are and that sometimes that blessing would work against us to become a curse in our lives. His desire is to give us what is truly best for us, at all times. That may mean that he frustrates our dreams a little. His heart is to save us. His heart may even test us to show us who we are. It can be revealing when you go through a tough spot and are uncovered to see where your heart really was. I know I've had far too many times I was not concerned with God getting glory or considering where my heart may have been in the situation. I've even had times where I was completely obsessed with having something happen a certain way. Guess what, it didn't happen. God reminded me, He is in charge.

Lord, may I learn from those circumstances. May I be content with what You give and always keep You as the center of my heart. The Lord of my life. You truly are anyway, let me acknowledge You now while there is still hope. I ask that You fulfill our dreams, but that You would protect us from the enemy's strategy. I pray that we would always be willing to bless others as You have blessed us. Let nothing come between you and I. Amen.

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