Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And now you know, the REST of the story!

Thanks for all the lovely comments. It's so nice to have friends in blogland.

I promised the "whole story" so here it is.

I had a hunch somewhere around May 16th and I told my husband that I thought that I was pregnant. All day I had that "glow" but then decided it must just be "me" and I'm not really. Then, on the 21st I had what I think now was a "fake period." Funny thing is, we hadn't decided to Really try until that day of "I think I am..." At that point, we said - we're being ridiculous and lets just trust the Creator of all to do as He pleases. Actually, when I say "we" I really mean I left it up to my sweet hubs, HE decided and I got my heart right in the situation. :o)

Fast forward to last week. Now the whole time since I thought I was, I kept thinking about it, but thought I was just overly obsessed with the whole idea. This last Wednesday I decided to look at a calendar (right now I'm calender deficient for some reason, time is just going by me) and I realized that I was a least 10 days overdue! Wow. How did that happen? So, at this point, I was running all of the signs in my head. The biggest being that my bre*$ts were sore. (sorry for getting so descriptive, but you know..) Another big sign I'll talk about in a moment.

We got the test that night and took it the next morning. Lo and behold it was POSITIVE!!!! This was the first baby I didn't ABSOLUTELY, without a shadow of a doubt KNOW already when I took that test. All day long I went from crying (happy cry here) to laughing uncontrollably. At that point we hadn't even told my oldest so I was wondering if he thought his mom was going wacky. Poor guy. I couldn't help it, I was just really overjoyed!

(hang on here for the other sign, we'll get to it)

So, the last baby we had told all of our parents at the same time. I went to my parents who are local, then we called hubs parents from there and surprised them all. WELL, that was the plan this time. We were traveling to hubby's parents house (on the way we told the kids) and we figured Saturday night we would call my parents. That sounded great until we found out that my mom was going camping in the middle of nowhere without my dad! We decided to try to get a hold of them all anyway. First we called my dad and he said he was planning to possibly meet her out at the campground. We tried to call her while on the phone with my dad and her phone wasn't working (either out of range or off). Anyway, we called my dad again, because we were anxious to know if we were going to be able to tell everyone at once or not and he said he was not going tonight. He was watching our dog, so I told him to call us if it seemed like it was getting too late for us to come and get her that night. In between that, we told hubbys parents and sister. :o) Well, around 8:30 he called. He was talking to my husband and I wasn't listening, but I guess he asked straight out if the reason why we were trying to get a hold of my mom was because I was pregnant. My, oh so predictable man, yelled something like "oh, I'll get that for you" and ran off tossing the phone to me. Wondering what was going on, I said hi and he asked me the same thing. I laughed and said to him that he's not usually the one who asks point blank, usually it's my mom who asks out right. Oh well. So, then the next day, we went to pick up our dog from their house, mom was back from camping and we told her then too. Everyone is happy! That's always good. :o) Oh, then my husband made an announcement at our church that God has blessed us with another baby, everyone cheered. I told everyone who reads this, so I think that's about it - the whole world knows now. It's hard to keep a secret! I'm glad its out.

Ok, now for my other sign. I have always felt my babies early. After the first one, I knew what to feel I guess. So, before I knew I was pregnant, I was feeling those same "popcorn" feelings. I was thinking to myself that since I'm not pregnant, maybe all this time when I thought I was feeling my babies, it was actually gas or something. It turns out, I really was feeling MY baby!!! Isn't that amazing?? Without a doubt, I am feeling him swimming and bumping around in there. That's one reason why I think my last period was a fake one. I think I'm further along than that.

Pregnancy is such an awesome experience!

Well, I can say that, since I am not throwing up every two seconds here. This pregnancy has been so different from my last two. I thought for sure I was destined to have the worst "morning" sickness in all recorded history with all of my babies. But, NOT this one. (not so far at least...) I am finding that I'm getting a little nauseous if I don't eat, but as soon as I stick anything in my mouth, the "monster" inside gobbles it up and I have energy again. I say monster, not to put any stigma on this baby, but I literally feel like there is a monster in my stomach when I eat. I can almost picture this thing with a big mouth being tamed as I feed it. :o)

And if you're wondering, I'm thinking it's a boy. I have KNOWN with both of my children. This one, I'm not as sure, but I wasn't even quite sure I was pregnant. The biggest reason why I think so, I keep talking to people and without even noticing, I say him. We'll see...


Our Peculiar Life said...

YEAH! Thanks for sharing it!!! Again, I am so excited for you! Congratulations!!

runningtothecross said...

Again Mercy,

I am so thrilled for you! Even though now I am at the pregnant stage where my emotions are out of control sometimes, I am always thrilled to hear when someone else is expecting!

At our church we now have three new babies, one was born at 1:49 a.m. this morning. Another friend at my church is due in two weeks, I am due in 9 weeks, and another couple (the one's who lost their first baby to kidney disease) are due around Christmas....and I have suspicions that another dear lady at church is expecting. We are going to be in baby city when all of these babies are born! The children already greatly outnumber the adults, so it is just amazing to me!!!

Again, great story!
Blessings & Congrats!

The Crandalls said...

I am so happy for you. What a blessing. I hope you continue to feel good and have a great pregnancy:)