Wednesday, August 29, 2007

God is moving...

God is moving... Have you ever had that feeling like you know that God is doing some really awesome and major things in your life, and you can kind of see some of them, but you're just not sure exactly what He's doing yet.

That's where I've been for awhile.

Here's the noticeable things He's been working out before our eyes:

~A new car. Not just any new car, but a humbling car without ANY car payments!! Yes! That's where we've needed to be for awhile, but just weren't sure how to do it. God did it. And He did it perfectly. He blessed us beyond measure, it's an 89 that had two owners. First owner was an elderly woman who took immaculate care of it and the second owner didn't ever drive it really. So, our awesome God provided a blessing beyond understanding. Really, it all just sort of happened and we are really excited. Now, we need to get rid of the car with the payment. That's in the works. (please pray for this because we sure could use the extra cash for baby!!)

~As you already read in previous posts, a possible new job for hubby. He has stopped looking until he receives some bonuses that his job has in place first. (Which is probably why God didn't give him the other one.) But, if you all only knew how completely excited I am for the Lord to change his place of work...I am waiting patiently here in the meantime.

~Obviously a new baby, which in itself is just so exciting and such a change in any home. I can't wait!!

~We are still in the wait for the house issue. Not sure what His plan is, but we'll go with whatever He brings our way.

~A new curriculum. These past few weeks I have begun looking into My Fathers World curriculum. I had never given it much thought until then. Let me go back awhile...How about 2003 (or 4?) when my oldest son was about 3. I got a revelation of what I wanted my homeschool to look like and the two most important features were 1. God's word was intertwined into every feature. 2. I loved the idea of a unit study that all corresponded together. 3. It had history and science from God's perspective and the history would be chronological. Later when my son was probably 5 years old I decided before I delved into history I wanted to make sure his geography was well learned. Somehow the Lord just wouldn't plop it all in front of me perfectly. When my son was about 6, I purchased SOW curriculum. OH MY! I loved it. Really, I still love it. And, I still recommend it to people. But, it just wasn't working for us completely. I can't explain it all, but I know that God has lead me to My Fathers World in order to tie in what He spoke to me in the very beginning of homeschooling. There will be some bumps, maybe a lot of bumps, but I think that this is what I need to do. I can see such a difference already in our homeschooling since then. Part of the reason is I find having it all together and already planned out for me is WONDERFUL, I can see where I need to go in the next few years. I can push myself to do school on those difficult days when we don't want to because I see the end and I can see how important TODAY is. Before I was just hopping along each day, hoping I was going in the right direction. It just seems to click. There's a few other reasons. I need to be more fun. I really do. I'm a drag. And my purpose for being a mom is to love and serve my babies with all that I have. It really is. Homeschooling is my service to them. And, I can see the benefits of this curriculum keeping my heart set straight. Ok, I know some of you are thinking that I'm nuts putting such a high priority and esteem on a curriculum. And, I could be. But, it's really more than the curriculum. It's what God has been speaking to me about since looking at the curriculum. Does that make sense? Anyway, I am ready to give it a try!

It's so awesome serving God. His ways go far above mine. I am so thankful for all that He is doing, those things that I can see and those I cannot. I find it a bit interesting that He is blessing me at such a difficult time in my walk. I'm really just being honest with y'all. I've been struggling in some areas and I even went a few days without reading my Bible. Which just made my funk more funkier. So, let me just say that I am thankful not only for His blessings, but for his abundant grace and mercy for when our path seems a little darker.

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