Friday, December 07, 2007

Prayer Request

If you are willing to lift a situation up for us, we would be very appreciative.

Somehow our rent has been lost in the mail. Our landlord called on Monday & asked if there was a problem since he hadn't received our rent & we've always been punctual. Well, we have been hounding heaven since then for our money orders (yes, no stop payment or refund here) to show up either at our home or his P O Box.

My husband lost the receipt & we paid cash for the money order (which means there is NO record.) We told our landlord if it didn't show by today that we would go ahead and pay him rent again. We were REALLY hoping it would show. But, so far - no.

If you are able could you please just lift our situation up before the Lord.

Thank you faithful ones.
God bless you.

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Life with Littles said...

i'm praying